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The Spirit of Women

The 7th Annual WWBC Conference

April 20, 2022  


The Annual Conference is always such a special time for all of us at the Western Women’s Business Center and Carolina Small Business Development Fund. We love having the opportunity to engage with Western North Carolina’s inspiring community of women entrepreneurs. More importantly, we love being able to celebrate all their contributions to the communities they love and serve as small business owners while connecting them to resource providers in the region who can help support them as entrepreneurs.

The 2022 conference, which we named The Spirit of Women, was delayed a year due to the pandemic, but we were fortunate enough that conditions improved enough for us to be able to gather safely—and I cannot describe to you how encouraging it was to see all the women entrepreneurs celebrating together in the A-B Tech Conference Center.

We initially named the conference after what we knew to be true, the formidable spirit of women entrepreneurs, but it was another thing entirely to see that spirit, alive and undampened, even after two years of hardship from the pandemic.

Our day kicked off with networking opportunities and remarks from our incredible lineup of speakers, and we closed the conference with our resource fair and, in true WWBC fashion, a little bit of dancing.

If you couldn’t make it to the 2022 conference, you can watch our recap below. But, more importantly, be sure to stay tuned for more information about our 2023 conference.

All the best,

Zurilma Anuel
Western Women’s Business Center

Previous Conference Highlights

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