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African American Business Association

June 15 | 11am-12pm


Celebrate Juneteenth and Pride month with the AABA! Our guests will be J. Hackett and Bruce Waller, co-owners of Grind AVL. They will tell us all about GrindFest, a celebration of Black business and entrepreneurship on June 18th-20th.

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Deep Dive Lab

June 17 | 12-1pm

Lead magnets are a key tool for boosting business sales. By providing potential customers with an offer in exchange for their information, you can showcase your company’s value while providing something to the client that makes them want to return.

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Business Blueprint

June 21 | 12-1pm

A business plan is a key tool for making your business successful-- to identify where you excel, where you need to adjust, and where you need support.

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Marketing 101

June 23 | 12-1pm

Strong marketing is critical to make your business thrive. Take your business to the next level in this seminar. Attendees will learn how to understand the market for your business—from your customer, to your competition, to your own unique value proposition.

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Preparing for a Small Business Loan

June 25 | 12-1pm

All businesses need funding to start, grow, and sustain their operations. Whether you’re a start-up or you’re interested in growing your business, this workshop is here to guide you through the process to secure a business loan.