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Letter to WWBC: Secretary of State Elaine F. Marshall on 2023 WWBC Conference

Dear Zuri,

I congratulate you and your team for putting together an incredible conference last month! Your theme, “Me + WWBC: Better Together,” really hit the nail on the head. The energy and excitement the “conference produced was quite palpable. And who will ever forget the magnificent Kat Williams and her inspiring rendition of “I Will Survive”?

I wanted to remind you, your conferees and those members unable to attend, that we have also compiled a searchable database of resources - lenders, mentors, business counselors, etc. - as part of our Resources for Innovators, Start-ups and Entrepreneurs (RISE) Initiative ( Most of the resources are local and many offer services for free or minimal cost. When complete, the database will include resources for every county. If a particular county isn't listed yet, stay tuned! In the meantime, there are state-wide providers listed that all entrepreneurs might find helpful.

Again, thank you for giving me an opportunity to join you last month! Best wishes for success to you, the WWBC, and all its members and supporters. I look forward to being able to share on a regular basis updated information about RISE and the other services my Department can offer.


Elaine F. Marshall

Secretary of State

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