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Meet our Advisory Board Member - Michele Scheve

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Michele Scheve has been in the Asheville community since 1997. She is former publisher of the long running parody paper Tha Asheville Disclaimer. For the last decade, Michele has been producing Slice of Life Comedy Standup shows, as well as her radio show Slumber Party AVL on 103.3 Ashevillefm.

During the past couple of years, Michele also helped create Buzz Radio Asheville, which plays All Asheville Music, partner to Biz Radio Asheville, for Asheville community based talk.

Did you know? Michele has an elderly deaf rescue beagle named Ben who is her sweetest puppy. Ben has a different sign language just for her, by wagging his tail in a circle motion as opposed to side-by-side motion when her partner is around.

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