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Brandy Mills

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

“My experience with the WWBC and the CSBDF has been such a positive one. The thought of even thinking about opening our own business was scary in itself, but to take the steps towards beginning the process was enough to make me want to tremble in fear."

However, from the moment I made the phone call to Sharon at the WWBC, I knew that I had been connected with the right soul. After having being dismissed by another small business resource, before I could even explain the proposal, needless to say, I was very apprehensive and nervous. Sharon helped to take all of that away the moment I walked into her office, and she gave me such a heart-warming smile. As she sat and listened so intently as I shared my story, dream, and proposal, she did not hesitate to say:

"Oh Yes Brandy, we can do this! It meant the world, and at that moment I knew that although the road was not going to be easy, it still could be traveled upon. With the resources and support from Sharon & Tommy, T.B.M Smallcakes opened its doors on Oct. 15, 2016!! We not only have had a great start, but we have also been able to give back to donate to a few community events and causes, which is one of the ways we desire to impact our surrounding community. Thank You, WWBC & CSBDF, for helping to make our dream come true,"

told by Brandy during the WWBC Third annual Conference.


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