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Elizabeth Garcia - Delish

At WWBC, we have a passion for small business owners and love to celebrate their countless successes. As part of that celebration of success, we also love to share client stories like this one about Elizabeth Garcia, who opened Delish after moving to North Carolina and seeing a niche to be filled in the market.

Here's her story:

How does your business serve your community?

One of our business goals for 2023 is to participate in more community events. We have also made donations to various organizations here in Asheville. What we are trying to do is participate in more events, which is one of the goals for 2023; we have also donated our products to different organizations and made the lives of housewives, mothers, and families in general easier. and practice with our products.

What products/services do you offer?

Latin American food that is pre-cooked and frozen and ready to prepare at home. We currently take orders through WhatsApp, but we are working on opening a store where customers can come in and buy.

What motivates you as a small business owner?

We are motivated by the happiness of customers when they try our products, when they ask us for new things, and see how much we have grown in this time.

What is your dream for your business?

To be a distribution chain in the U.S., open various restaurants, and be an organization that helps families in need.

What is your dream for your community?

For everyone to have a stable quality of life, opportunities in all aspects for families, and to collaborate with our community through our product.

What obstacles have you encountered as a small business owner?

We have faced various obstacles, but our biggest one has been a need for more information about the basics of business.

What did you do to overcome those barriers? Did someone help you?

Yes, we did a lot of research ourselves. We made sure to attend seminars and network as much as we could. Through networking, I met the WWBC and Zurilma Anuel, WWBC Director. The WWBC gave us a lot of information that helped us strategize how to grow our business.

What do you like about being a small business owner?

Being a business owner allows us to connect with more people. We, as business owners, know we are all working for a future and have a dream in common, and that’s the beauty of it. We also really like being able to know the behind-the-scenes of other companies.

How has the WWBC served you as an entrepreneur?

WWBC has helped Delish NC in numerous ways. The grant we were given was used to buy another refrigerator allowing us to improve our inventory space and better serve our customers. The WWBC has also allowed us to meet more business owners and organizations that have allowed Delish to grow.

What do you want people to know about your business?

That any dream, even a small one, with the right information and the right people around you, can come true. We also want to let our community know that we have the Venezuelan and Latin American flavors at your fingertips to see you smile and make your life more practical.

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