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Sara Metzger- Vista Coaching

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

The Western Women’s Business Center (WWBC) is excited to officially relaunch our blog so we can highlight local businesswomen and entrepreneurs who have worked with us on growing their business.

We know that being an entrepreneur can feel isolating and that each individual journey is a unique experience in uncovering your own greatness. Our hope with this blog is that by sharing stories of others we can celebrate successes together and uplift each other through our challenges. We are dream catchers, ready for you to take the leap!

In this first monthly success highlight, we’ve got a dedicated workshop attendee, and coaching client, Sara Metzger from Vista Coaching to share a bit of her journey with us!

Please provide us a little background about you and your business including your products and services.

Hello all, I am Sara Metzger and I’m a personal development coach, mother of two, and owner of Vista Coaching. I spent 20 years as a teacher and after retiring from the world of education I started my own coaching practice. I specialize in working with empty nesters.

How has Western Women’s Business Center helped you in achieving business success or in working through your challenges? Especially as it relates to COVID-19.

The Western Women’s Business Center (WWBC) has played a pivotal role in the creation and success of my fledgling business. A friend suggested that I participate in some of the seminars presented by WWBC being held at the AB Tech Small Business Center. I’ve learned about marketing, networking, social media platforms, infusing creativity into my work, and other priceless skills. I loved the offerings and the Deep Dive Labs where small groups come together to process what we have learned. I’ve met amazing people who are working on building their businesses and brands. The support I received from the WWBC and the community that they create is awesome!

Being an Empty Nester myself, I have always disliked the term “Empty Nest” and bristled at that label. It sounded so sad and lonely! When my two daughters headed off to college, I was hit with that wave of loss, sadness, and realization that I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. I worried that without my “Mom identity” I didn’t have a true purpose. After floundering for a bit, I was lucky enough to partner with some wise souls who helped me create a mindset shift to realize that a so-called empty nest was really just a space for personal growth! I rediscovered my talents, strengths, passion, and purpose. My life became full again. I decided to help others who might be struggling or feel stuck in their lives. Through coaching, using a Presence-Based Model, I help my clients discover a renewed sense of direction in their lives while reconnecting with their partners and the surrounding community. Together, we create new vistas and clients realize that the challenging, empty nest transition is really an opportunity for an exciting, personal transformation.

When COVID-19 hit it felt like the world changed. Everyone felt isolated and separated. The Western Women’s Business Center remained a constant resource through it all. They quickly pivoted to online offerings and continued to reach out and connect with the community they helped create. They offered courses specifically designed to help small businesses adapt to the new reality. Again I can’t stress how supported and connected I feel! Most of the people I met through the WWBC are now friends as well as business contacts.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about getting started or who is working on growing their business?

I highly encourage folks who are thinking about starting their own businesses or growing their existing ones to reach out to the WWBC community. It is a great resource and allows you to learn new tools, network, and ask the important questions you want to be answered. I find if you ask a question, you receive a quick answer along with some contacts to further your knowledge. I thrive on collaborative learning and WWBC is the place to experience that first hand.

How can people learn more about you?

Please visit my website, email me, check out my social media, or give me a call!



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